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  1. I'm tired of this crappy handguard. What's the current gold standard for benelli m4 handguard?
  2. Posting from the range. Turns out it was the handguard causing the issues. Cycles and shoots no problem. I also emailed benelli before I went and they offered to look at the weapon which was nice. Fortunately I tested it first. Kudos to strangerdanger and everyone else for the help.
  3. The trigger that hasn't been installed says US on it.
  4. I think your comment about the handguard might be the root of the problem. It's a fab defense bm4 and it was so damn hard to put this handguard on, I had to basically squeeze the two halves together and throw in the screws as fast as I could for the two halves to come together. The barrel may not have been as flush as it should be. Comments online for this handguard are less than stellar.. but I got it for free hehe
  5. Good question... it was sold to me as an h2o along with the box but I dont remember if there are papers inside. Any serial numbers I can look for? It was a decent deal.1200 for h2o with extended tube, metal saddle thing for shells, surefire light and pressure pad, foregrip, and trigger (didn't install). I've seen better deals though for a similar price. Just saying he probably wasn't trying to scam me haha. If only it had a telescoping stock
  6. I can message the person but it's been a while and I took the barrel off the m4 once to put on a forend so it could be my fault. Regardless, I have to fix it 😐 Off the top of my head I think the Fiocchi was 1200fps and 1275fps? Maybe 1300? Not sure if that's considered full power. I didn't load a single round... I'll be sure to do that next time on the range. There was a good 5 seconds between trigger pulls so I'm not outrunning anything I hope
  7. It goes click then nothing happens.
  8. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed. Gonna clean her up and go through this checklist. Will report back visual checks tomorrow. Probably going up to the range soon after.
  9. I did not because I just assumed benellis were reliable T_T I don't know how the action works and I don't know what the parts look like. I had to open her up to put on a handguard (forend?) tho (given to me by the seller). I was firing Fiocchi target shot and buck. Both cycled but would not fire without pulling back the charging handle. Did not clean or lube, that's on my to-do list.
  10. Ok, but I'm out of warranty cuz I bought it from someone else. What am I looking at in terms of cost? (estimate)
  11. I dunno too much about the innards of the Benelli but surely I can fix it myself? Is the follower part of the trigger group? I can attempt a fix and simultaneously make some upgrades at the same time. Just need some guidance.
  12. Not fast at all. How do I fix this problem 😂
  13. Hello. I have a benelli M4 h2o edition that will fire the first round, feed the second, then not fire the next round. I have to pull the charging handle back if I want it to shoot. Any ideas why?
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