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  1. Yeah i saw where you could fit a SBE 2 barrel but had to replace forearm. I thought for sure it would not be that hard or that high to find a SBE barrel. I got a call in to a Beneli rep so hopefully he can find one somewhere. I refuse to buy a 700 dollar barrel that Beneli quoted me. Seems way to high
  2. Got a big bulge in the barrel turkey hunting last year. I had a gunsmith cut it off and rethread it. But it does not pattern well at all now. Was going to buy a new gun but hated to waste this action considering i have only shot it a few times a year for last several years.
  3. I recently messed my super black eagle 1 barrel up and i am trying to find a replacement barrel. New or used is fine. Most every barrel i find is for the super black eagle 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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