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  1. Yeah my mistake, 7 at 2 3/4, I measured the Winchester #1 and they are 2 3/8ths or so. So 7 of those would exceed the tube capacity? Is this universal w/the platform, or does the fit vary from shotgun to shotgun? Could I have hurt anything w/the spring or tube by trying to push so hard? I'd imagine not, but I'm not fully familiar w/how the spring and the seal ring are secured. Seems like guys in the thread you linked were doing mods to either the spring, or the seal ring (one even said they have theirs out, and only the cap keeps their spring retained?). Would any of this void Benelli's warranty / support in any way, or affect cycling?
  2. Hey all, so I purchased a new Benelli M4 Tactical 7+1 recently, it came in original packaging, everything checks out as the 11715 model with all the bells and whistles (full tube, night sights, rail, adjustable stock, pistol grip). I made a minor modification with a custom mount to put on a RMR, and was finally ready to give it a run... only to run into a major issue. It won't fully load. Among the shells I purchased for it were Winchester Super X 1 Buck shot, in 2 3/4 inch size. No matter what I do though i can not get it to load more than 6, and it's supposed to be rated for 7 at 3". It makes no sense to me at all, I get the 7th shell in about 95% or so and it just hits a wall. No movement past that, I've tried pushing as hard as I can with two thumbs and there's just no flex at all. I should note that loading this is super super tight from the first round, but I've read that some others have had the same issue and it gets better after a couple hundred shots or so. Have any of you heard of this? I saw another forum post about an aftermarket solution that had the same issue, but this is 100% factory 7+1. To confirm, it is not the model with the stopper, it has the full tube, I can see the full length of the spring when I take the cap off. Just super bummed about this because of the price of the firearm, and it being my first Benelli I was expecting top notch quality. This seems like a major defect, and if I have to ship it off to Benelli I have more downtime where I can't use it, and would probably have to strip off the RMR + mount as well to keep that safe.
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