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    I’ve owned Benelli’s before but never spent this amount on a shotgun. I was about 6 hrs from home and was in a sporting goods and noticed they had this gun that I been looking into for a while now. I purchased the SBE3, I get home and re assemble it and try and load a couple shells in and quickly realize my first issue. The shell catch in front of the feeding tube was stiff as can be and you can barely get a shell into the tube. So I had to call Benelli to have a brand new gun already worked on. on top of it’s the real tree max 5 camo is just chipping off in A huge section. The internals looked like someone shot a few boxes of ammo with it. I noticed this when looking at it as it was the floor model but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. Until I got home and realized everything else. This gun only was with me for about 10 hrs. Before I had to ship it out to them. Has anyone experienced Benelli just sending back a brand new gun ? or am I going to be waiting months for this thing to be re dipped and fixed! Im not looking to pay for anything less than new gun quality. My Benelli nova pump seemed better made and was a fraction of the price.....
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