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  1. Thinking about reloading Some TSS loads for my 12 and 20 gauge. I heard some guys were having failure to feed issues particularly with the M2 20 gauge when theY did a roll crimp instead on a standard press/star crimp. Any insight or info???
  2. PAwebfoot

    Sbe2 click

    Should I go regular or extra power with all springs?
  3. PAwebfoot

    Sbe2 click

    All the time, that’s why I’m leaning toward spring or another part
  4. PAwebfoot

    Sbe2 click

    Shooting 3” 2s and 3s. Recoil tube/spring is clean. Almost seems like hammer doesn’t have enough power to hit firing pin? Maybe I’ll replace pin and spring and go from there
  5. PAwebfoot

    Sbe2 click

    Having an issue with my sbe2. Went hunting this morning , pull up on a flock of ducks ....click, eject shell click. Had a very small dimple on primer. Yes bolt is forward and not out of battery. Almost seems like it isn’t hitting firing pin or barely hitting it. Tore bolt assembly apart, pretty clean, everything looks good and same same with trigger. What should I look at or change???
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