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  1. scratch that, I got it. The bolt needed to be forward for that last half inch...
  2. I made sure I installed the bolt retaining pin correctly, unlike the other user who posted about reassembly problems. My bolt also locks all the way back and appears to be working normally. After releasing the bolt and cycling it again the guide arm can jump out of the recoil pin location but I just need to fiddle the gun a bit and the bolt will pull back again. If that helps at all...
  3. Please help! I have a new H20 5+1, took it to the range the other day and it would not cycle a third round or eject shells properly. So I took it home and disassembled my shotgun after reading that I may need to lubricate parts. I cleaned: the barrel the bolt (and lubricated) the trigger assembly (relatively lightly) both ARGO tubes the breech and chamber now after putting it back together the barrel will stop sliding into place about a 1/2 an inch short. It’s driving me mad and I’ve spent the better part of a day retracing my steps. I’ve noticed the lower part of the beginning of my barrel seems to be making contact with the bolt/nut that attaches my magazine tube to the feeding port. I’ve only been a gun owner for a little over a year now and this is my third, so please excuse any misused terminology. I also live in California if that says anything... lol
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