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  1. Sounds like you should send it to Benelli, unless you have a smith that works on 828s.
  2. Mine was also missing the set screw, and I was having the same problem you described. The set screw is an M3-3 available at any good hardware store.
  3. Benelligunny, thanks for that post. My 828 seemed to be somewhat loose and then I was having a problem with the top barrel ejector not releasing when I opened the gun. It hung up and if I closed and reopened the action the spent shell would eject. Cleaning didn't help. My action is now properly adjusted and I'm hoping that will resolve the problem. I also discovered that the set screw for the adjustment screw is missing. Do you by any chance have the specifications for that screw, as I don't see where I can order one from Benelli. Thanks,
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