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  1. I had a Remington 870 that I damaged the barrel on a 10 year old gun and it was replaced at no cost just shipping and handling.
  2. For the money we pay for these firearms you would think the could repair them for their users. Look I will take it to my gun smith and then I will have two for sale!! No problem.
  3. George Downs

    Pissed off

    I own two SBE2 and dropped one and bent the vent rib. Had a dealer send it back and benelli would not repair the rib but wanted to charge me for a new barrel. This is very disappointing to me and I now will have two for sale. I have bragged on these guns to all my friends and have had three of them buy a SBE2 and 1 bought a SBE3. I will be in line to find another brand of shotgun for my waterfowl hunting. Thanks Benelli!!
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