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  1. Has anyone else had an issue where their gun wouldn’t fire on the first round after you’ve noticed the magazine spring being really stiff to the point it won’t take the round? My SBE2 has been absolutely flawless the past 13 season and this year it’s been quiet the opposite. I’ve changed the recoil spring to a Wullf 25% because I was getting a “click” when I’d pull the trigger to I assumed the action wasn’t closing all the way. I then proceeded to replace the firing pin spring as I was still gettin a “click” and no indentation on the actual prime. I don’t know what else could be causing the round to not go off. It’s worth mentioning this is an inconsistent issue. Sometimes it’ll go, boom, boom, boom. But other times, the first round won’t go click and the only other way I can offer more detail in hopes someone can assist me is I seem to notice this happen when I get a stiff magazine spring while loading my second round. I’ll take the round out and try again and again until it takes it. Then when I go to shoot, “click.”
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