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  1. I got er done with little pain. The scope is the Nikon as mentioned above on sale and $24 set of weaver quad lock rings took 2 minutes to put together. The next problem is to find a 28ga auto to turn in to my go to turkey gun that won't break the bank. the SBE3 is a little heavy for runnin and gunnin 😵
  2. I have decided to cheap out. I had choices of $100++++ rings and $13 weaver quad lock...I'll be picking up the weavers today from Dicks. As to how it'll affect the mechanics of the SBE3, I for one am not qualified to judge, But if it blows up in my face, I'll get back to you.....
  3. Steve: The scope is a Nikon ProStaff 5 2.5-10×40. Use inexpensive 1" rings? Remarkable: Good point. As it will be used only for is turkey, I'm guessing only 1 or 2 shots fired each hunt, six total for the season, preferably only 3
  4. I put a red dot on my SBE3 for turkey season. I came to find that at my age 66 I can't see squat. So I have decided to put a scope on for next year, but I am trying to figure out the best way. I do have the weaver rail installed. I assume that simple rings (1") on the weaver should work fine. So the question is...Do I need low, medium or tall? and what dictates the correct choice. Thanks again.
  5. Carleson TSS Turkey Choke Federal TSS turkey #9
  6. Called Benelli...They are plastic caps...pull off barrel, use punch from underneath. Support guy said I would be surprised how many people call on that. Maybe now it'll show up on a google search. Maybe Benelli will put it in a manual sometime. 😎
  7. I see the 4 indents for the screw locations. I scratched some paint off one looking for a screw driver slot, nothing. Then I thought it might just be a cap that needs popping, that didn't work either. So do I have to drill them out and tap? thanks jim
  8. I knew it had to be as simple as that. New to this game, probably won't be the last stupid question!!
  9. The SBE3 manual shows an adjustable rear sight. Mine does not have one and most of the pictures I have seen don't show one. Or am I mistaken? For now I have decided to get a TruGlo Universal Fast Turkey Sight for now...do I need an adapter? Thanks
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