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  1. Raptor J

    New M4 owner

    My thinking behind this is. This isn’t something probably enforced by local LE, and if so it is on a very low scale.
  2. Raptor J

    New M4 owner

    The more I think about this regulation the more aggravated it makes me. I’m know preaching to the choir here on a old topic but, you really mean to tell me that in order for me to have 2 extra rounds in the tube that I have to modify a perfect imported weapon that was almost $2,100 out the door?? Like some agent is going to inspect my shotgun and be like... “ oh, he’s legal... he also put a forend and trigger guard on it, it’s less dangerous”?!
  3. Raptor J

    New M4 owner

    It’s funny, I have family in LE, they have never heard of this 922, believe me.. I asked.
  4. Raptor J

    New M4 owner

    Clack, I appreciate the offer.. but I specifically bought the 1014 model because of that stock... even if it isn’t actually collapsible without modification.
  5. Raptor J

    New M4 owner

    Hello ALL. I just purchased the best combat shotgun available. M4 (M1014) and glad to be part of this group. Unfortunately this is a 922R question. I have done some research but there are too many contradicting answers out there. The only true upgrade I want to do is the full length CC 7 round tube. As much as I think this regulation is absolutely stupid and I would probably never have problems with not complying , am I correct on having to replace a total of 3 factory Benelli parts and replacing those 3 with US made to keep it compliant? Here is my plan... the CC full length titanium tube with follower and spring (spring doesn't count) would count as 2. Then by replacing the forend (FFT forend) that would make 3. Would this combo make it compliant? The M1014 I purchased obviously has the fixed skeleton stock. I know there is great knowledge here... thanks
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