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  1. Hi all! Let me start by saying that I'm NO kind of expert, especially on shotguns. My first experience was shooting a pistol grip with 3 inch 000, after which I swore that I'd never try another! Enter a friend with an M4 and it completely changed my perspective. However, at 5'4.5" tall and not particularly strong, the M4 was very long for me, and particularly nose heavy. I changed the stock to a shorter Mesa and that helped a lot, I still would love to place a LIGHTWEIGHT laser on it for close range defense. I have lasers on 3 of my guns and they work great, they are all Crimson Trace but they are all for handguns. I find the tritium night sites for the Benelli completely useless, they are simply too far forward to be of any good. I have these on my handguns and I love them, but the Benelli would need something much brighter. In my experience the laser is wonderful for acquiring a target quickly with a full field of view and even firing from less than optimal position. I'm seeking a lightweight fairly short range laser that could be accommodated on the M4, without adding pounds of weight in adaptors, rails or the laser itself. I can't for the life of me imagine using this gun at night for over 50 meters distance, its for home defense, not for a war. If anyone has any idea on such a laser as well as any way to further reduce this guns weight, it would be very appreciated. Perhaps there is a lighter or even shorter stock, it can be imported and any configuration, this M4 is absurdly 922R compliant, I suffer for "Just In Case Syndrome"! Thank you for your time and attention. Wind.
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