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  1. Apologies if WTB posts aren't allowed on the forum. I'll happily remove. If anyone upgraded to the full-length 7 rnd tube and has one of the various +2 extensions in a bin collecting dust please send me an email with details to [email protected] Thanks!
  2. Thanks so much but I've got the front end done. Trying to save all the funds i have for the stock as that is what is most iconic to get the look right for me. I'll try there but I also dont have an account on that forum so would need to sign up first haha.
  3. Ah. Gotcha. Well I guess if anyone has one they could sell to help me finish it please message me at [email protected] I'll keep looking out for one online otherwise and just wait it out if necessary like you suggested. Things are indeed crazy. Thanks man!
  4. Thanks! I saw that although it still out of reach price-wise for me and I've had bad luck with preorders taking way longer too. Botach and Midwest have better prices but are oos at the moment. Btw, does this forum have a marketplace? I'm thinking of trying to find one used here but dont see a place to list a WTB ad up.
  5. The M1014 has always been amazing to me and afger many years drooling over it I finally picked up an M4 to turn into one. The only missing part left for me to complete it how I want is the collapsible stock set and I can't for the life of me find any in stock for reasonable prices. Is there a place i could special order one perhaps? This is a dream gun of mine and I'm really hoping you can help. Thank you so much!
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