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  1. I agree, but as we live in the age of litigation, I suspect finding a smithy that will touch a safety mechanism will be a tall order. I have always been a proponent for letting the professional exercise their skills regardless of the subject matter, so I will Do the same now. (It would be great for Benelli to chime in about now!) kindest Regards, Reggie~Semper Fidelis
  2. I’m back after a week long stay in the hospital. A tick bite, of all things! Not Lyme disease, but Anaplasmosis. They just about lost me. Anyhow, I did remove the auto-safety mechanism, and I agree....that made no difference. I think I will trade for a left hand Super Black Eagle III, after I spend some time reading reviews. in the meantime I will tinker with the safety on this one. Thanks for staying with me on this topic. reggie~Semper Fidelis
  3. I will, and will surely let you know. I have a couple of “honey-do” projects so it might be tomorrow or one day during the weekend. Thanks Again! Reggie ~ Semper Fidelis
  4. Thanks for the quick response. I did have the gun in the dove field this past year and, due in great part to a fine shotgun, shot my limit on both of the first 2 outings. Yes...it is one sweet weapon! I was extremely careful while leaving the gun off safe, as I could not disengage the safety quick enough when a bird came in range. There is another variable...I’m 65 and having fought cancer 3 times I’m a mere shell of the man I once was. I will try try your remedy and see what I can do. Thanks Again!
  5. I purchased a beautiful 828U. The safety it so hard to disengage I cannot do it without gloves. I sent the gun back to Benelli....they had it for Bout 2 months and it came back exactly like I sent it to them. I love the gun but without a fix for the HARD safety I will be forced to trade. Thank You in advance for any help you can render.
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