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  1. Hello all, Question. I was looking for a low recoil target load to start with the M4 before moving to buckshot with a bad shoulder. I had slim pickings today as ammo hard to come by these days where I am. I had a few options with one being Remington light target load but it was 1145 FPS. I decided to go with a Federal Grand gold medal says Competition clay 2 3/4 7.5 shot but its 1200 FPS I believe birdshot as I have 9MM but it is my 1st long gun. Did I make an okay decision with that vs the 1145 FPS as I am just gonna use it for target shooting at the range which allows birdshot.
  2. Thanks all I appreciate it. I may start out with Federal Target Load 8 Shot 1200 FPS. I believe that is birdshot essentially but should be low recoil.
  3. Hey all, I purchased a new M4 beauty and about to take it to the range first time next week. So I understand that the M4 likes high FPS ammo and for good reason. I dislocated the shoulder a few years back ski accident so I want to ease into the first rounds to get a feel for 00 buckshot with it. Any idea will any of the Winchester AA work such as the light load at 1145 FPS cycle? From what I am gathering it really needs 1200 FPS and above. I have a small pack of Hornady 1345 FPS I believe I am sure that will cycle but ammo hard to find lately. Looking for an option before I go
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