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  1. On sporting clays I use light mod
  2. Let me know how it goes- I would do both oil it and remove the automatic safety and see how it is.
  3. I just bought the 828 U-- I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. You might want to try removing the automatic safety clip may be it's hanging it up or something- Just a thought
  5. I just picked mine up and its fine- I will say this out of the box the gun was very tight assembly/disassembly . I went and shot 300 rounds out of it and gun has loosened up a bit. I would put a fine drop of oil on it switch it back and forth numerous times and shoot some rounds out of it- I got to say this is the finest o/u I have ever shot in my life and I have shot a lot of em. It is an incredible gun. Out of the box mine is a complete beast. I have no idea why on the web they say this gun kicks- I shot 2.75 and 3 in and my black eagle kicks a lot harder than this beauty!! I LOVE IT!!
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