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  1. Vertigo, have you seen reduced effort springs for the 828U? Looks like part #52 on schematic. I can find OEM springs but that's what's too stiff.
  2. Now that I think about it, recoil won't move the safety selector. It's already all the way back on fire.
  3. Matine1 - with a needlenose I was able to move those spring ends to the side (not bent, just moved). Because they are so stiff they go all the way down beside the slide and seem to be staying there. Now the studs on the side of the safety slide push them apart and they come back together as it slides forward, still applying some pressure to hold the safety switch in place. I'm going to shoots some clays and see if the recoil moves the safety selector but I think those stiff springs will still hold it. That's clearly the issue though.
  4. Matine1 - I have the same issue on an 828U. My daughter can't move the safety lever and it takes me some good pushing. I pulled the auto safety as well. Wasn't that. But if you look at the under side of the safety lever with the trigger group out and work it back and forth you can see studs on both sides that ride under spring arms. If you slide those arms to the side the safety switch slides back and forth smoothly as it should. However, they won't stay to the side, so the springs are just too stiff. I'm still trying to figure out if I can just bend them ever so slightly, either to the side or up. I haven't seen any fixes anywhere else.
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