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  1. I don’t recall it jamming or misfeeding apart from a couple of stove pipes when ejecting. I use a range of shells, Eley, Geco, RC, Joker to name a few. This is more to try and isolate the problem. I’m also trying 67 and 70mm variants. Anything from 28x7.5 to 32x5 load and slug ive stripped the bolt down and the inertia spring is intact, Thanks
  2. It works a lot of the time and I haven’t seen any problems in the group, will check. No modifications as I wanted a factory spec 10+1 with no need to change anything.
  3. Thanks, I don’t really know how to tell if it is sluggish, we’re trying slow motion video to see if it captures anything relevant. Action bar, inertia and magazine springs all good. Checking the lifter spring, most likely exchange a few parts with wither TTI or Benelli.
  4. Hi all, given that the Stoeger M3K uses the patented Benelli inertia system, I’m hoping someone can help me with a shell cycling problem. The gun is a 10+1 capacity 12 gauge that is intended for practical shotgun use, in my case. When shooting targets the bolt sometimes closes leaving the next shell from the magazine tube sat on the lifter, even though it ejected the empty. It’s random, different loads, shoulders and stance don’t make a difference. It had a deep clean from new as recommended and even though I’ve recleaned it many times down to component level it’s still a problem. Any
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