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  1. Thank you. Last year, I was about to buy a Montefeltro Silver Shotgun (28") since I love the look, design and the engraving. Apart from reliability , the look of a shotgun is a very important for me but the only reason that caused I changed my mind was that it does not come with sling swivel stud on the stock and I don't like to install it on an expensive shotgun like Montefeltro . Finally I purchased a Benelli Super Vinici and I am very happy with my decision.
  2. I started this discussion last August but after couple of months researching about Benelli SBE III last year I finally ended up with Benelli super Vinci. It is a great gun. Looks good and shoots good. 3.5" chamber and it has all I need plus it does not shoot high.
  3. Thank you. I was under the impression that it it shoots high (I mean with field barrel), and if this is due to the design of the barrel, it might shoot high with slugs too but as you mentioned, this needs to be tested. I don't know if the chock used for slug can impact POI but I leave it to you after you test the shotgun with slugs.
  4. I don't know if SBE3 comes with Rifled Barrel, In my previous post, I mean shooting slug from a field barrel, (same barrel that is used for bird hunting in SBE3).
  5. So if this is the case, what if I want to use slug for deer hunting. Does it shoot high or it shoots high when pointing to the birds? I mean the difference between aiming and pointing, do you guys still think it shoots high in both situations?
  6. Hi, There are lots of conversation in the internet that SBE III shoots high. I heard from a Youtube Channel called "American Arms Channel" that Benelli has fixed this issue the date code on the serial late 2018 and later . So can anyone help me if this is true? Thanks,
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