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  1. Can you confirm that M4's sold outside of CA should have included 3 position recoil tube? That is, others have received 3 position tube? I'm in GA and I was not aware of import restrictions on the collapsible stock. I don't want to spend another $200, and I'm about ready to walk it back to the local shop.
  2. Wow ok. I did not know that.... So Benelliparts.com sells the below for $199. While it looks as though it extends the grooves, it also says this part is already installed on all new M4's. Man it stinks to pay $2k for a gun only to dish out more to get the intended function. Dan
  3. Thank you. Did I get the wrong part, or is it somehow restricted by intent (like the magazine tube limiter)?
  4. Just picked up my new M4 with collapsable stock. This is a new OEM purchase from my local gun shop; not a used item. Unfortunately the stock doesn't collapse. It appears the flats/grooves on the stock tube are very limited and there is no way this will fully collapse. Are there other versions of this and did I perhaps get the incorrect tube installed?
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