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  1. Thanks man! Got her out to the pond today and we all shot a goose so it feels better now! 😄
  2. LOL, Yeah something about that first one drives ya nuts. Like I said, everything I have is scratched up and dinged and very soon if not the same day I bought it sometimes! But I love my guns, bike, truck and I am even fonder of them when I have those scars/memories! Makes no sense at all-LOL! Thank you everybody! Taking the SBE3 out for a goose hunt tomorrow! Now those are good memories!
  3. Thanks! Well, there was a sliver of bare metal that I used a bluing pen to cover. I think the black is wider than the sliver as I recollect. The mark is right at the black dot on the paper. wasn't a wide open gash just like a fine pen line but through the black finish and a dot where the screw point hit. TI THOUGHT it looked like part of the camo like a stick or something, so it didn't bother me but I guess not! LOL! Not gouged out just a wee thin line of metal scratch/silver and a dot of "silver" where it did go through the finish at the point of the screw. Will the bluing be enough to prev
  4. Normally they don't bother me at all as everything I have has dings and scratches, including me! 😄 I'm generally not the fussy type at all. It was I dunno, why didn't I lean the gun better and that screw should never have been there/didn't know it was there once in a million, arggh ding! kinda thing. LOL! It's camo, looks like it belongs there. Conclusion: I'm just nuts right now but I am glad some can feel my pain! LOL!
  5. Can you see the ding? I'm nuts! All of my skis, guns and bows have dings that add character and/or bring back fond memories of having been USED! I don't no why this one bugged me but I was just stupid! I never saw it coming. Anyway, what do you think of my fix? Thank you all for your stories and thoughts! My first Benelli! I wish I had listened to my friend years ago! 😄
  6. Good attitude! I seem to do this with a number of things and that's just the way it is! What's weird, about me anyway, is it is that first stupid ding that I always seem to do ( I can immediately think of another gun and bow I did it to) that gets me! I'm usually the guy who drives his new truck through the woods and doesn't buff out the scratches! It's that "Oh, you stupid idiot, it's brand new! Why did you do that and what was that screw doing sticking out there to even carve a scar?!" Anyway, it was already a long day. I think that might have something to do with it! Thanks so much!
  7. Short version: I idiotically let my gun slide and get a ding the Camo stock about the length a thickness of a thumbnail, having miraculously hit something that I didn't think could even be there . Bugs me like no tomorrow only because I have only had the SBEIII about 3 days and was only patterning it! All my hunting weapons get scratches and dings eventually because I prefer blocking branches with it instead of my face and that doesn't bother me at all but a stupid ding on a new item that I caused because I din't think what happened could happen just bugs me! Can anyone relate? Anyway, with so
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