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  1. It has not been modified and is how it came from manufacturer. With that said, I am assuming it has a original manufacturer limiter plug installed, for it holds a max of 3 shells.
  2. Thanks truckcop Indeed you are correct on bolt position. After trying your recommendation I realized the bolt is not the source of clanky noise, other than its normal operating sound. The annoying clank is coming from tube magazine. Next assessment to see whats going on there. Does that normally make a clanky noise too?
  3. This is a Raffaelo 12 gauge model.
  4. Well my son took my Benelli to shoot clays and noticed a clanky sound. I determined it is coming from bolt assembly and disassembled to clean and inspect. I noticed about 3/16” approximately of play between the bolt recoil spring and bolt locking head, which is making the “clanky” noise when gun is moved around. This occurs when the bolt is both open and in closed positions. Is this normal? Did I just not notice before, I couldn’t say. Does this indicate a worn spring or some sort of issue?
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