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  1. I believe I bought it about 30 years ago. I did use an extended magazine and spring for a while but have not used it for 10 years. Yes I would like the part number and instructions. Should I try to bend the carrier latch? I noticed that if I push carrier latch button, it engages the face of the shell better. Also the pin the carrier latch pivots on seams to have some play in it. I think it may have worn a groove in the carrier latch, unless it us supposed to have some play. How do you recalibrate the magazine spring?
  2. Im 99% certain I had it full, first field of the day and first bird I shot at that day. I think (assuming I had it full) as the carrier lifted the second shell, the carrier latch never engaged and the rest just shot out onto the ground. Im going to test this and see if this is even possible. But the main question is why is the carrier latch occasionally letting a shell out of the tube, onto the carrier. It does not seam to be engaged on the face of the shell very far, maybe a 1/32 of an inch. I did replace the trigger guard this summer because the other broke in half. I was told th
  3. I'm having issues with the feed tube/ carrier latch. It appears the carrier latch barely catches the shell head and randomly while hunting, it will automatically feed another shell into the feed ramp. The cartridge drop lever looks straight, but is shinny from use, where it makes contact with the carrier latch. While pheasant hunting this last week, I know I had the feed tube full and after shooting 2 times the it was empty. I figure the extra shells dumped out the bottom onto the ground. I did not look on the ground because the pheasant went down still alive and I ran up on it before it ran o
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