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  1. Thanks for the comments. I did get the Plano case linked above, it's just big enough to fit both the Monte, and a "backup" pump action. I've always preferred hard cases for travel, and like that this one is water tight, and was reasonably priced, as well as space efficient. I agree setup/breakdown frequently isn't ideal in some cases, but I do have a few soft cases that will work fine in those instances. Did get out and do some shooting, it took all the ammo I fed it without any hiccups, and broke plenty of clays first time out (basically my first time so there was some learning curv
  2. Hi Everyone! Just ordered a Benelli Monte 12ga 26". With the supply issues now, I had to go with an out of state purchase so now I'm waiting for shipping to local FFL before I can actually get my hands on it, but pretty excited here. This will be my first semi-auto shotgun, will join a Remington 870 and an old Sears model 200 pump. I've mostly been a rifle shooter/hunter but wanted to get into some upland game, small game, and possibly clay target sports. Wanted a Benelli for 15+ years and finally was able to do it. I know the Monte gives up some bells & whistles to the more
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