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  1. I would assume the only reasonable way would be the ATF would have to check the gun and say “you have an extended tube as well as all parts made in Italy and/or not enough parts made in the USA.”
  2. Hi all, just bought an M4 model 11707. I had a question regarding 922r compliance for LEO. I’m active LEO and I’m wondering if being that I could have purchased a full tube M4 (would’ve taken nearly a year for it to come in, however) would I be able to install a magazine extension without replacing an additional 3 parts or does 922r apply to both civilian and active law enforcement ? I just want to be sure before I spend $300+ in upgrading parts. I would’ve invested in the M4 upgrade kit (replaces the hand guards, follower, and tube) just not a fan of the hand guards having to s
  3. So apparently they discontinued model 11710. They said 11713 is not discontinued which is the same shotgun with the pistol grip. I said I like that better anyway. Had to call my dealer who said they can absolutely switch it for me. All done and it’s a 4-6 month wait time.
  4. I called CMC they said they are still taking orders which will be fulfilled but back ordered 4-8 months. I called my dealer again and was told it most likely will be fulfilled but they don’t know when and if I’d like I can cancel my order. CMC says Benelli fulfills all of its existing orders but they may cease taking any new orders to make up for the lost time.
  5. Interesting considering when I called Benelli they said it still shows it’s currently available but it may be discontinued. Maybe they mean going forward? Interestingly enough the gun store I ordered from no longer lists that M4 on their site (atlantictactical.com).
  6. Hi all, just placed an order for the M4 tactical LE 7+1 at a local gun store. They said it shows as discontinued on their order page but were able to place the order anyway. They said they would let me know should they receive word from benelli if they ceased production of this particular model. Model # BNL 11710. I called benelli and they said all M4 are about 6 months out on new orders but even they aren’t sure if production of that model is discontinued. Does anyone have insight on this? Thanks.
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