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  1. Thanks Planet. 30.06 and .300WM are both Long Action calibers, so I wouldn't expect any differences. The barrel and the receiver are both fully seated. I was using 180 grain Federal Ammo, so nothing exotic or a handloaded. And I did switch to the .300WM magazine (you are correct .300wm won't fit in the .308 mags.) Still, the bolt stops more than a quarter of an inch shy of the back of the groove on the receiver. A member on another board suggested there was a short action adapter held in by the trigger group that must be removed. Any guidance or info on that? Dan
  2. I have an older R1 in .308 (a Short Action caliber.) I purchased a barrel and action for a .300WM (Long Action) last year. It went on without a hitch and I mounted a new scope. However, when I went to sight in, the bolt wouldn't go back far enough to allow a .300WM round to chamber. Am I missing something? Is there something that limits the rearward movement of a short round bolt? OR is conversion between action lengths not possible. Help! Dan
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