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  1. Shoulda asked the same question. Just bought the Rein thinking it may work without the IWC pic rail because it appears to not have a shroud as aggressive as SF. Perhaps I can get a hold of some longer screws and spacers to keep the light virgin tight to the weapon? Or dremel off a portion of the rail? 😳 Determined to make it work.
  2. Lucky indeed. Thanks a lot for the help!
  3. Are you aware of any weapon lights the will mount on this setup without the pic rail?
  4. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 thanks for the pic. Reason why you moved away from the setup?
  5. Dangit. Now I'm worried it'll sit too far from the gun.. I like everything nice and tight (joke in there somewhere).
  6. Thanks, aznwhip. Did you mount via picitinny or screw light directly on mount?
  7. Hey, guys. Will the IWC mount with M600DF fit on the 8" Briley mount? Just ordered everything, but after studying photos, I'm concerned that it won't considering the Briley mount covers the barrel whereas the oem M4 mount tapers to the barrel leaving room for the tailcap..
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