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  1. SBE3 BE.S.T in 26" is on order!
  2. If truly the SBE3 (3.5") is reliable, then I'd go for it. I have shouldered it and loved it. Most of my trap shooting is done with 1-1/8oz and that's at but withinthe SBE3 (3.5") lower end of the spec it should run. The 3" version is a lot less appealing to me at that price. Thanks for the feedback, I think I'm leaning towards the 3.5" SBE3.
  3. Hi all, I've been shooting a Nova for the past 10 years and I am ready to upgrade. I've been wanting a super black eagle since basically forever (we have a SBE 1 at the farm that I shoot at times). Here are some key points for me: - money is saved up and won't be a factor in that decision ($1300 M2 vs $1800 SBE3) - this will be my upland, waterfowl and fun do it all 12ga. I will own this thing probably forever - I shoot steel, lead, tungsten, mostly 3". I have shot 3.5" but don't think it's a huge improvement - the new Benelli BE.S.T (DLC coated) has me droo
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