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  1. Agreed. There's a loose revolver sitting on the passenger seat, absurd amounts of garbage, and that's the way you choose to photograph your Benelli with a shit plastic heatshield.
  2. If you're using a sync mount, I wouldn't want a cheek riser. Even with the riser all the way down, you still get an additional 1/4" or so over the normal comb height. I have the urbino on one of mine and I have my optic on top of the rail with the riser at the first position. I had the riser on there before I got an optic and it wasn't comfortable to shoot with the ghost rings but it's fine now. I've also got a sync on my 870 and though I'm using a totally different stock, I think a riser would be a problem. I suppose it depends on your facial bone structure but the purpose of the sync is to get the dot as low as possible which eliminates the need for a riser. The riser exists to solve a problem created by optics sit high atop 1913 rails and that's a non-issue with a sync mount.
  3. I can't stand people who say dumb shit like "well, you know, he's right to charge $10,000 for a box of 5.56 because capitalism, supply and demand, regurgitate all the shit I've heard people smarter than me talk about on tv". So you're willing to happily paying double or triple for things you want at the grocery store? People bitch and moan when the price of gas goes up from $3.20 to $3.29 but you've got dipshits out there defending people outrageous prices for gun shit for the last two years. The point of business is to make money, sure. It's objectively smart for someone to sell something at a price that's triple what they paid for it but that doesn't mean I don't think someone's a fucking dickhead when I see them selling boxes of 9mm on armslist for $30 or more when I know they paid $8.99 for it.
  4. How long have you had the gun? Mine was really stiff when I first got it but it's smoothing out after only a few hundred shells.
  5. I had a malfunction today with my M1014 on the last round so apparently I need a different magazine spring. The round got stuck coming out of the magazine so I had to hold the bolt back so it didn't smash my finger and pull the shell out by the case rim with my fingernail. Anyway, how long do you guys cut your M4 magazine springs? I've usually done between 10" and 12" longer than the magazine tube with guns like the 870 and 930 but the 590 and 500 use a totally different and much lighter spring tension in their magazines and the Benelli is on the opposite end of the spectrum being really heavy. Also, do you keep the original follower or use another? I have a pair of extras; Nordic Components and NDZ lime green. I have one of the NDZ followers in my Turkish M4 clone and it was a big improvement over the original but I haven't tried a different follower in my Benelli yet.
  6. Sort of. Left eye dominant so I shoot shotguns and rifles left handed.
  7. Good to know. Have you mounted anything on it? I kind of want it and the VOA for my 870 so I may get both. Thanks!
  8. I kind of like the look of the handguard but haven't been impressed with the strike industries parts I've had for my ARs in the past. Does anyone have any FIRSTHAND experience with it?
  9. I dig it. I especially like that you kept the stock, handguard, etc black. I was going to do this with one of my shotguns in a weather white finish until someone asked if I was a star wars fan. I'm not but I had never previously made that association.
  10. Does anyone else take issue with the increased comb height as you come to the shorter positions on their M1014 stock? I anticipated this being an issue so I'm probably going to get a red dot for it and shoot it in the middle position but in the meantime, has anyone come across a method for lowering the comb height when the stock is collapsed?
  11. I've had to work with similar challenges tightening castle nuts on my AR builds so it sounds like the vise and two wrenches will help. The takedown pin on the receiver being where it is makes it hard to find a good place to clamp it in the vise so far but maybe I'll make some kind of jig for it; leather padded wooden jaws with a hole drilled out for the head of that pin to go into. Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. I got the M1014 a few weeks ago after wanting one for about 15 years, got the magazine tube, and today I got my 3 position recoil tube for the skeleton stock to collapse. My question is this; how do you ensure that your recoil tube will be properly aligned when installing on the gun? I was thinking that I could line it up, try putting the stock on to check that it's centered, and make some kind of mark so I can return to that point after installing red threadlocker and putting the nut on. What advice can you offer?
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