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  1. I am also a lefty shooter. Purchased my SBE 3 in March 2020, specifically for a March pheasant hunt. Out of the box, it shot perfectly during the 3-day hunt. Cleaned and put it away until the Fall of 2020, when the cycling issue began. "Stove-pipng" the second shell, or not even bringing it up into chamber- the occurences were totally random. Took it out for another pheasant hunt in March 2021, and again, cycling issues. I finally sent it back to Benelli this Summer and they apparently made a change to the ejector and replaced a spring in the stock. Just got it back in August, and went sporting clays yesterday with my son, to see how it performs after their work. My son is also a lety shooter. The issue continued, but only when I shot the gun. Each stand was 6 pairs and he was able to cycle all six shots at every stand. I would get two pairs through or sometimes only one, and the remaining pairs would have a cycling issue. The loads were the same throughout. This tells me the issue is me, but other than making sure the gun was mounted tighly, I have no idea what to correct. Even when I was certain the mount was tight, it still had the problem. Is this gun really that finicky? Any suggestions would be helpful.
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