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  1. Like new SCALARWORKS benelli m4 mount. This is the latest model and has all of the screws and hardware as well as manual. $75. I have sold other benelli m4 parts successfully on here in the past. Please reach out with any questions. Fast shipping. I take Venmo or PayPal. Thanks!
  2. Would like to sell five opened but never used or fired. MR 76 220 round magazines that are in my gun safe. $230 shipped OR BEST OFFER
  3. Hi guys! I have a like new Benelli m4 pistol grip stock for sale BEST OFFER. I sold my 18.5” barrel to rubicon20032003 in case anybody is curious. Thanks - Chandler
  4. Anybody want to buy the Benelli m4 pistol grip stock? Best offer + shipping. I don’t need it. Sold the barrel to rubicon20032003 as stated by him above. Thanks everybody!
  5. Make an offer -no longer needed.
  6. Just sold my benelli m4 barrel to @rubicon20032003 and looking to sell the choke wrench that comes with the benelli m4. Open to best offer and accept Venmo and PayPal. Thanks!
  7. Moderators please delete or close this thread please. Thank you.
  8. You can check out my presence on gunbroker. Many positive reviews. I only signed up for this forum to buy a short barrel and now to sell these parts. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/1008178565
  9. I am selling my like new benelli m4 factory 18.5" barrel AND Benelli factory pistol grip stock! Approximately 200 rounds fired through this barrel. My loss is your gain. Please contact me for any questions. Thank you and God bless! $150 or best offer
  10. Hello! Would like to buy a benelli m4 entry barrel, PLEASE! Thank you
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