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Found 3 results

  1. Chris W

    Bulge in barrel for my M2

    Today I was out waterfowl hunting when I noticed a bulge half way down my barrel. I just bought the gun last April. Will Bennile warranty this or what is the process I need to take. Thanks
  2. S_Vinci

    Bennelli gunsmith repair time.

    My Benelli Super Vinci is on warranty with Benelli Gunsmith. I was informed that repair will last 45 days (location in Maryland). I was talking with Benelli Gunsmith representative and he said they have total of 8th Gun Smith Shops across USA serving all brands (not only Benelli but also Stoeger, Franchi etc). Is it normal such a long time to repair the gun? As far as I know the gun was not even touched so far yet since it in the line.
  3. jjones0414

    300 win mag issue

    So I've read plenty of threads about accuracy of the r1. I don't expect tack driving accuracy, but at least should be able to get 1moa like I've seen others get on here. I've shot hundreds of rounds and about 10 different factory loads and have gotten down to a 2.5-2.8 inch groups with Hornady American Whitetail 150gr ammo. That is shooting out of a "lead sled" to remove the human error. I have also noticed some scratches about 1/2 inch inside the muzzle, these scratches are left to right if you were looking in the end of the barrel. Not sure if that would cause my issue or not. Is this something I should send it back to benelli for warranty work? I have also had to tighten my barrel nut 1 notch past the red dot.