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  1. Awesome, thanks, I'll probably installcit tomorrow or Thursday. Sounds like you have done it before. Is it an improvement? Easier cleaning carbon off the piston shaft? Good reference with the head bolts by the way.
  2. I bought a new gas system for my r1 300 win mag from numrich gun parts corp. Seems a lot better than the factory original mine has currently. I do have some questions though. Does anybody know what torque the gas manifold needs to be torqued to? There is also a little set screw in the top of it where it mates to the barrel. Is this an adjustment, or do I even need to worry about that. Here's a picture of the kit, it has new screws for the manifold and pins that push on the bolt, I just didn't put them in the picture. The shaft seems hard chromed, and the piston seems to be a much be
  3. I have seen some of those threads, my gas piston is just like that, I have no corossion issues yet. Mine still spin freely and show no ill signs. Is that something that benelli would swap over to the new style to remedy some of the issues? Does the updated piston look the same? I already tighten the fore end but them back it off.
  4. I'm not sure, it was given to me as a gift. I do believe its from before 2012. Can investigate that later. Why would that make a difference?
  5. So I've read plenty of threads about accuracy of the r1. I don't expect tack driving accuracy, but at least should be able to get 1moa like I've seen others get on here. I've shot hundreds of rounds and about 10 different factory loads and have gotten down to a 2.5-2.8 inch groups with Hornady American Whitetail 150gr ammo. That is shooting out of a "lead sled" to remove the human error. I have also noticed some scratches about 1/2 inch inside the muzzle, these scratches are left to right if you were looking in the end of the barrel. Not sure if that would cause my issue or not.
  6. I have the r1 in 300 win mag, love it and have had zero issues. When I first got it if bolt was locked back I couldn't pull the bolt release down without first pulling the bolt back and releasing tension from the bolt hold open. Well after probably 200 rounds I can now pull the release down without pulling the bolt back first. I like the idea of not having to pull the bolt back to release and being able to just pull the release. But will this cause excessive wear on the bolt release and some day cause it to fail to hold the bolt back? Is this something I should avoid and just continue to
  7. I have the same r1 in 300 as you, have been thinking about putting a brake on it. only thing im concerned with is a loss of velocity with the shortening of the barrel. thoughts on bullet velocity?
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