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  1. I bought a brand new benelli super Vinci 12 G at cabelas for 1499.00 plus tax. Beautiful case. Beautiful gun finish. The rep couldn't brag enough how the gun shot thousand of rounds in two days *in Argentina . Some kind of a video promo *they made. I took mine to the hills of Columbia , mo. Is not Argentina, but what the heck... I bought at Walmart 3 brands of ammo each for 22 bucks box of 100. Remington , Winchester , and federal. 2 3/4 inch regular clay target ammo. I shot fist box it jam 12 times. I load one in the chamber and 2 in the magazine. It will fire the one in the chamber , no problem, second will jam at a 75 degree angle before entering the chamber. I thought it needs to break in. My disappointment started after 150 rounds I was shooting basically single shots because it was constantly jamming. I call the *guys at the shogun range, with years of *experience shooting at the range, first guy told me you have to hold the gun tight, not like a girl, ok I said, *you try it. He did, no change , gun still jamming. He called another *guy. He came over and told me, *it needs to be well lube. He lube it to the point the *lube dripping everywhere. He shot it with same results. It will jam on average every second *to third round. A old timer that was looking at us with a smirk in his face told me, you are using weak loads. He load *3 inch heavy load Winchester ammo. No change after 12 rounds it jam 4 times. He turn around and ask me , how much you pay for this thing? His smirk turn into a big laugh. There u go, if you think benelli can't release a defective product, get a super Vinci , once you fired it you can't return it. You can't find that there is a problem until you fire it. What a scam. When i bought a car in 1970 u was very carefully with the engine need since *it to break in for few thousand miles , 2011 and a gun can't shoot well out of the box? Don't buy Argentina marketing, *is just that, marketing. Shot gun now on it's way to benelli.
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