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  1. I have looked and looked and searched exaustively, so here I am at last resort. There are several things i am looking for.. I love my Benelli M4 but I would prefer a more traditional look, say wood. Does anyone know of any company that makes wood part (read, forgrips and stock) for a Benelli M4. I am of course hoping for a standard stock, no pistol grip. If not I would not mind trying my hand at modifing a similar benelli design wood stock set to fit my M4. So are there any other models that have interchangeable or smiliar parts that with some modification could fit the M4? Next, it is almost dove season again, and I would just get a total kick out of using my M4 for dove hunting. Unfortunatly in my state the limit is 1 in the chamber and a maximum of 2 in the tube, with a physical limiter ensuring no more than two. Does benelli or anyone else make a two round limiter for the M4? I have not modified my M4 with an extended tube, I am still using the standard 4 round tube. Last, If the wood option does not work out I would like to get a regular standard synthetic stock (last resort if there is no modifiable option). Benelli says that it is available on the M4 webpage, but that part does not seem to exist anywhere else on their webpage. Further in the owners manual at the end it tells you how to install the 2 round limiter, but this piece also exists no #$!@ where on the Benelli website. Why is it so dang hard to find any support for the M4 on the benelli website?!!! Benelli Please take note and offer more accessability to the parts you do indeed have for the M4. I can understand hiding the extended factory tube and the collapsable buttstock for whatever reason, but the standard stock and round limiter is annoying to us for you to hide.
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