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GG&G sling point, gap problem!!


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I recently purchased a GG&G single point attatchment point for my M1 S90. It mounts between the reciever and the stock. Problem is the mount makes a nice gap between the trigger guard and the pistol grip. Any way to machine the stock to cut back an area for the mount so that the stock will be flush again?? Anyone else had this problem and solved it or do I shut up and deal with the 1/8 gap. Thanks

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When that happens, I have, thoughout the years, been thankful for my Dremel tool.


I would gradually take my grinding bit and shave down the offending side.


I mark with some powder and fit the pieces. Whichever piece has powder contact, then I grind that down.


I finish with Aluminum blue or Oxpho blue.


I have done this with many parts. A manufacturer can't be perfect. This is not aerospace.


I did this recently with my Surfire M80 aluminum foreend rail.

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