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Thanks for that--My Local Dicks Sporting goods(w.mich.) is offering a

"imported by Benelli" O/U with the name Diamond Elite.Who makes it is it? any good? also looking at the Browning Citori..

Any help or imput would be great.Thanks

Is Beretta and Benelli same Co.??

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The Dick's Sporting Goods O/U's are made by Franchi.

They are less glitzy than the Franchi branded shotguns, but they are functionally the same.

Think in terms of Toyota & Lexus.


I had a Franchi Veloce O/U and loved it. Wish I hadn't sold it, but I did.

They are well-built quality Italian shotguns. They are reliable and hold their value or appreciate slightly if kept in good condition.


Beretta is the parent company. They are one of the largest companies in Italy. Under the corporate umbrella of Beretta Holdings Group, Benelli, Franchi, Stoeger, Uberti all co-exist.

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there are a bundle of manufacturers for really nice o/u,s. Browning,Ruger,Mossberg,Franchi, and the list goes on. they are all about the same except for price. a friend of mine got a really nice Mossberg Silver Reserve for $600.00 brand new. and must say i was impressed with it, on price and performance.

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