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  1. I killed a bunch of turkeys with my old 870 with 2-3/4" loads, highly polished bluing, and glossy walnut furniture. My dad and his brother killed them when they were kids while wearing blue jeans and plaid shirts. Be still, smart, and patient. Move when the bird can't see you. I use a box call, requiring both hands most of the time. I'll put the call down and bring the gun up when the bird passes behind a big tree or when I know he's committed. Don't sweat the color of your gun. Heck, I've killed plenty of birds in the Fall while decked out in enough blaze orange to show up on Google Earth.
  2. Not mine. Just passing along the link. Brand New - Never Assembled http://forum.snipershide.com/firearms-sale/225746-fs-benelli-m4-tactical-w-pistol-grip-12ga-18-5-11707-a.html
  3. Rem Oil is mineral spirits and petroleum. Break Free and similar CLP products are synthetic or synthetic blend. Rem oil has a relatively low flash point of 105 degrees, whereas the synthetics usually go to around 200 degrees and up. Heck, some say that Mobil 1 is even a better choice. http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=271x1301
  4. Remoil is a bad way to start. Get rid of it. Get some Breakfree CLP or use the Benelli CLP that shipped with the gun. Apply to all working parts and metal surfaces. Then wipe, leaving a very light film only. Break-in can be helpful, but you don't have use expensive ammo, just high velocity ammo. A couple of boxes should do it.
  5. I cannot imagine why it wouldn't fit. It's not likely that they are changing the receiver designs just for the compact models. Another option would be to find a wood stock and shorten it. RH and LH stocks are identical.
  6. Honestly, this place is just about done for. Merry Christmas!
  7. We had a good day yesterday.
  8. My God, you people must be desperate. Someone who can actually make a ship quality products in a timely manner could kill in this market.
  9. I think that's the best course. Since they are also a brick and mortar gun shop, you shouldn't have a problem with them. Be sure to take lots of pictures and insure the return shipment, with signature required. If you used a credit card for payment, you may also have some recourse through them, if they're slow returning your funds.
  10. It's ultimately your call. If you REALLY wanted a brand new Vinci, then you'll want to send it back for a refund. You'll likely have to eat the shipping, but I'd still approach them from the angle of, "you simply did not sell me what you advertised", so why should I be out any money at all? If you can live with it, ask for a partial refund, based on the gun's condition. Used.
  11. I'm not surprised by the refusal to pay return shipping. It's not required by them. If they have history and feedback on gb, then they're worth trusting to refund the money. If not, then your best course may be to keep it and take your lumps. I'm still not seeing a link to the auction or to the seller's profile. Either would be helpful.
  12. There's your answer. If it's alerady been cleaned an lubed, and it still doesn't perform, then replace the assembly.
  13. NIB and display sample are two different things. You have numerous valid reasons cited for returning the gun for a full refund. I would even push for return shipping. Return the gun.
  14. I pattern for POI vs POA information only. I've always found a 30 inch circle to be a bit silly when equated to my realistic goals of downing a teal, dove, or smacking a turkey squarely in the face. So what I do is mount a large paper background and then draw a life-sized duck or turkey head in the center. Then I setup at 30 yards in a natural shooting position for the given quarry. For turkey, that's typically sitting on the ground with one knee up. For ducks, it's standing. My shots are taken quickly, because that's the way it's going to be in the field. After seeing where the bulk of my pattern strikes in relation to the target, I adjust my shims to put the most pellets on target. My goal isn't to pellets in a 30 inch circle. My goal is kill something as quickly and effectively as possible.
  15. Gunbroker has plenty http://www.gunbroker.com/All/BI.aspx?Keywords=benelli+legacy
  16. It should store fine that way. No parts should fall out while the barrel is removed.
  17. It's hard to tell from the tiny picture posted, but the pin looked solid to me. Either way, there are several Candidates per the Benelli diagram would be Drawing 1 - #21 or #8 Drawing 2 - #6, #8, or #12 Drawing 3 - #12 Drawing 5 - #4 Bottom Line - If you can't figure it out, DO NOT use the weapon until it has been checked by a competent gunsmith.
  18. There are several pins close to that size in the gun. Did you get a parts manual with it? If so, then refer to that for possibilities. If not, then you can download them here - http://www.benelli.it/en/downloads
  19. Instructor sounds more Scottish than British.
  20. I know the manual states it, but I don't know of anyone who unloads a Benelli in that manner. Much easier to manually cycle the action.
  21. Never.....NEVER.....NEVER order a firearm without an in-writing agreement on the delivery date. No delivery by that date = full refund.
  22. Most hydrographics companies post full price lists on their sites. I'm not going to gather them all for you. Use Google and research, quick and easy. http://bit.ly/13H79up
  23. Plenty of companies do it. Google "gun dipping" or "hydrographics" or simply go here http://tarjac.com/ Most have prices posted.
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