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SBE II with Comfort Grip: Problems/Questions

SBE II Ferret

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Well, I finally made the plunge and purchased a brand new Super Black Eagle II with steady grip and camo coating. A very pricy gun, but hopefully worth the investment. I have a couple of questions and concerns about the firearm, and am hoping someone can offer assistance. First, I am impressed with the placement and overall size of the safety located next to the trigger housing. I will be using this firearm exclusively for turkey hunting (hence the steady grip). I am very disappointed in the loud sound emitted from the safety when it is moved back and forth. I understand that it needs to be firm in each position (on/off), but it is much louder than my safety on my Beretta 1200 or my Mossberg 935 (both less expensive firearms). Is there any safe way to quiet the safety down? I am afraid it will spook game. I have oiled it and pushed it back and forth 200 times, but this has not had a noticeable effect.


Second, the trigger is very heavy. I assume this is due to liability concerns. With the amount paid for the firearm (anyone reading this posts understands the costs involved since this is a limited edition SBE II) I was surprised that the trigger is not adjustable. I cannot find anywhere/anyone (ie Timney) that sells a replacement adjustable trigger for the SBE II. Does anyone have any idea if the trigger pull can be reduced (by a qualified gunsmith of course) or the trigger swapped out for an adjustable?


Any comments would be appreciated. I really expected a higher quality firearm for the money.

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