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M2 camo 12ga – drop and cast adjustment


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I’m new to Benelli, been shooting 25 plus years. Been practicing on clays at a trap range with my new M2 – don’t know enough to be useful on drop and cast and could use some recommendations. I usually shoot in the 19’s to low 20’s on clays out of 25 and am ashamed to say I’m in the 11’s a 12’s with the new gun after about 100 rounds. Embarrassing.


Don’t worry fellas! I have a choke in it, I’m shouldering with the muzzle facing down range, and I’m not throwing the shells overhand at the birds... The gun feels great when I throw it, locks right on when I throw it at a still target with both eyes and then close my off eye for a double check. The length of pull matches my other rides. I started shooting full choke as usual, went down to IM which showed a little improvement. A little.


All indications are the I am shooting slightly UNDER the birds*. I’m not trying to set this gun up as a trap piece, I’m just trying to get used to action / balance etc. before I hit the field. I’d like to try to adjust the drop slightly to see if I can get in the ballpark and save face on the range. The gun came with the “B” shim set installed, do y’all think that installing the “A” set will raise the comb / shorten the drop thereby raising the point of impact down range? The “Z’ set as the next resort?


Could use help on which direction to go. Apologies for being boneheaded on something so simple.


Thanks for anyone’s thoughts.



* try a round of clays when light snow is falling if you ever want some pretty remarkable instant feedback on point of impact in action.

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