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SNT: Shopping Prior To Arrival...


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Well gang - I laid down my hard earned and ordered my Benelli SuperNova Tactical - should be here in a week or two!! :cool:


I ordered the SNT with the pistol grip stock - as interesting as the ComforTech sounds, my instinct, training and some excellent suggestions tell me pistol grip. I have read the threads here - all I can find about the SNT, but wanted some further suggestions from tactical-minded members about accessories to purchase prior to arrival.


- I would like the ability to access extra ammo and have been thinking about my options. I really don't need a picatinny rail on deck, so are there other options for a rail-less side mount shell carrier? I was also curious as to experiences with the stock, (sling mount) shell carrier - that looks interesting to me.


- Is there a preferred tube extension among members? Fit, finish function about the same among the offerings?


- Sling suggestions? I was thinking about a Troy 2-point...


- I have a small supply of USGI 12ga 00 buck and also some stock Winchester 2 3/4 00 buck and some Federal Vital Shok plated 00 buck. For slugs I have Breneke Black Magic, (smoothbore sabots). Anything I'm missing?


- Light? Mount? Here's where I get to a point where I don't want to spend the farm, but don't want to be too cheap as well...I have been thinking about a TLR-1, but am not sure how to mount it...I really don't want to do the flashlight/ring combo, unless someone has some experiences that will give me insight...Thoughts?


Thanks again for all the great information.....

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