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Benelli & Oshkosh DU Expo


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Just got back from spending the weekend at the DU Outdoor Festival. I did not see anyone posting about it, so I thought to give a spectators impression of Benelli's presence.


In the exhibition hall, I met a bunch of the Benelli folks who are here on the boards (I promised to keep them nameless). They joked how these events are one of the reasons that it's been hard to reach them the last couple of weeks.


They had a great spread of display models: but no lefties :( Aside from lack of lefties, they had at least one of every model and color. After seeing all the other gun manufacture displays, Benelli's by far was the biggest and best staffed.


We talked about the some of the issues that come up on the boards and shooting sports. They were really good at answering questions, both general and techincal in nature. They also encouraged me to follow up with them about the appearant lack of lefty guns on the market.


There was a firing line of trap houses, clay throwers, pistol ranges and rifle ranges. You could 'buy' 10 rounds on the range and shoot at the manufacturer of your choice.


Here again Benelli had one of the, if not the biggest booth there. I did not shoot at the range, but many people took the opputunity to try guns and I noticed a few coaching sessions going on. I was also impressed by the number of women that I saw shooting on the range. I don't mean to sound sexist with that remark, but there were A LOT of women shooting, and shooting well out there.


Overall, I was VERY impressed with their presentation and professionalism. I feel better about spending my money with them.


I would highly recommend going to a DU expo if you can. Aside from the all the vendor displays, and vendor sales, there were many family and kid friendly activities. It was definitly a family event.



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