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M1 failing to cycle


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Can ya'll give me some clues as to why my M1 fails to cycle?


Let me give a little background. The gun is older and has led a hard life. Mostly from use, not really from abuse.


Early on, I replaced the spring with a Sure-cycle setup.


The gun has been failing to properly load the second round when shooting the doubles stations in skeet. It doesn't fail all the time, maybe one in five.


I can't remember having this problem in the field, where I usually shooting stronger shells.


Our skeet range requires that we shoot non-toxic, so I'm shooting Kent shells, which seem to be a crud up the action fairly quickly.


I've cleaned the gun well, and the action snaps closed quickly and solidly. It seems that the problem is with the system that lifts the shell into the chamber. When it jams, there is often a live round partially lifted with it's front edge jammed against the entrance to the chamber.


I'm wondering if there isn't a spring in the trigger assembly that has weakend and is causing the problem.


Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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