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The 121M and mercury??

Old Wanderer

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I am planning several multi day shooting schools, just because it is fun being the oldest guy with the oldest gun, and usually in the final rounds for the shoot offs....


But the old body has taken a beating over 7 decades, so was thinking about "cheating" just a bit. This week I will get my barrel sent to MagnaPort for porting, and forcing cone work. (Talked to Vang, but he does not do Benelli's). (Them slugs do start to work on you after a few days of shooting).


I have found out in the garage, a C & H 3/4" X 8" mercury tube that will fit in the stock.


Now I do not think it will interfere with the operation, and in fact C & H advertise it for the Benelli.


I read through 30 pages trying to find some info, but Nada..


Anybody have some 1st hand experience?


How much is involved in fitting a M1 Speedfeed stock to a 121M? (Anybody tried that??)

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