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Steady Grip Stock nut question - how tight


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Hi guys, first post.


I just purchased a Supernova Steady grip Turkey gun and am quite happy with it. I have some questions that the manual does not explain. The forum here is great and I was able to get answers to almost all my questions.


One that I did not find an answer for is as follows:


As I wanted to put a red dot scope on the gun, I had to loosen the Steadygrip stock in order to take out the trigger group in order to take out the rear rubber plugs in order to mount a modified (cut shorter) burris camo scope base. (wow I wish there was an easier way! removable screws would have been so much easier!).


My question is how tight should I torque the nut in the stock when reassembling / tightening the stock? As an afterthought, I should have counted the number of turns when loosening it; for now I made it snug (until the stock did not wiggle anymore and then a bit more).


I do not want to overtighten it as I think this could damage (warp) back swivel plate and possibly the stock.


Thanks in advance.

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