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Parts kit for M1 S90 Tactical?


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Okay, I've put about 200 rounds through my new used M1 and I like it very much. What spare/replacement parts do I need to get? I do not like having a broken gun and having to sit around and wait for parts to arrive, so I like to stock up on what I think I might need. Also, I've noticed that when I shoot and the barrel starts to get warm the choke loosens up, when it cools down or is cold it is tight. Is this normal? I don't want to tighten it when it's warm, so should I just leave it alone? Can I shoot slugs with the choke in?




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Originally posted by garyoNC:

Duke of Lawnchair,


Yes, I would like to know what you have ordered. I'm sure others would be interested also.






Here's my list:


301-000-028 60315 TRIGGER GUARD RETAINING PIN $6.74 $6.74 In Stock


301-000-048 60180 FIRING PIN, AFTER SN M104801 $23.90 $23.90 In Stock


301-000-058 60309 LINK PIN $5.09 $5.09 In Stock


301-000-065 60311 LOCKING HEAD PIN $12.36 $12.36 In Stock


301-000-069 60477 EXTRACTOR SPRING $5.09 $5.09 In Stock


301-000-070 60177 EXTRACTOR $15.16 $15.16 In Stock


301-000-071 60173 EXTRACTOR PIN $6.53 $6.53 In Stock


301-000-073 60497 INERTIA SPRING $6.74 $6.74 In Stock


301-000-075 60179 FIRING PIN SPRING $8.50 $8.50 In Stock


301-000-076 60468 BOLT HANDLE RETAINING SPRING $5.09 $5.09 In Stock


301-000-077 60301 BOLT HANDLE PIN $6.53 $6.53 In Stock


301-000-085 60324 EJECTOR PIN $8.68 $8.68 In Stock


301-000-087 60474 EJECTOR PIN SPRING, MAGNUM $5.06 $5.06 In Stock


301-000-102 60303 CARRIER LATCH PIN $5.09 $5.09 In Stock


301-000-106 60469 CARRIER LATCH SPRING $5.09 $5.09 In Stock


301-000-289 60604 BOLT HANDLE RETAINER SPRING PIN $4.95 $4.95 In Stock



The order totaled $130.60. Not that cheap, but is cheap insurance in my opinion.



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