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Best cheap ammo for M1S90


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If you are talking about the promo ammo at walmart that is the cheapest per shell and comes in boxes of 4 then I would say federal or remington. Not winchester. Winchesters only have 1 oz of lead while fed. and rem. have 1 1/8 oz of lead which means they have more energy and will cycle better. These load are good for small birds, clay shooting, and POI patterning. Any shell that has 1 1/8 oz of shot and 3 dram of powder is guarantied to work.

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I have shot a ton of Estate shells through a SBE ll, without fail. Both 1 oz. and 1 1/8 oz. I also shoot them in the legacys', both 12 and 20 ga. without fail. If you break them in and keep them oiled, not forgetting the slides, most any shells should work for you. I have also shot most of the lower end trap loads made by the major manufacturers without any problems.. Buy what's cheapest and save what's left for a new Benelli!! or two... Good luck!

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