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Hello All,

First time hunting big game with my Stoedger over and under. Not sure do the chokes stay installed or do I remove them for slug rounds. The only thing I could find last minute was 2 and 3/4 remington slugs.


Thanks, :confused:

Don't ever shoot the gun without the chokes installed. It will wreck the threads. Shoot slugs out of an open choke, i.e. cylinder, improved cylinder or modified. With cylinder being your first choice, and improved cyl. next. Pattern the gun so you know where it shoots. Then go kill something... Good luck..;)

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Was not sure father in law said to remove so I figured I would ask before doing. I use this gun for birds. The chokes came with the gun so I assume that they should be good to go with slug rounds? I also have a remington 1100. Which should I use for deer?

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