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FYI: Alternative Front Sling Attachment!


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Hello guys, 1st post here... let me start off by saying GREAT forum! Been lurking for a few weeks now & have obtained a lot of great info!


Recently purchased my very 1st Benelli shotgun... it’s an “all black” (12-GA) M2... been wanting one for a while because “A” they work & “B” they’re lighter then my current Beretta 390's.


Okay, now for the main reason for this post... (Hoping to give a little back to this forum!)


(I apologize in advance if this is known information on this forum that I somehow missed in my searches!)


About a week back I went on-line searching for an alternative way to attach my sling to my new M2... the spinning end-cap attachment doesn’t work the best with my preferred sling set-up. I found quite a few guys looking for the same with no real solution (well, that I could find anyways) given. Most were looking for a way to keep their current set-up from wearing on their end caps...


After doing some of my own research I found that the “Super 90 M1 Military & Police” fixed front sling parts work & fit PERFECTLY on the M2 without modification. (I assume that these parts will also work fine with the Super Black Eagle & the like as well as they all seem to share the same forearm set-up.) Both parts needed are readily available through www.brownells.com at the following direct link:


Brownells Benelli Schematic


The split “Sling Swivel Retaining Ring” (Ref. # 136) snaps around the base of your existing end-cap (around where the “teeth” are) & the “Sling Ring, M1 Magazine Cap” (Ref. # 133) just pops on the end of your magazine tube up next to your barrel.


The “Super 90 M1 Military & Police” fixed front sling attachment can be placed in either the 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock position.


Not bad for only an investment of $22.71 (Only $18.17 with discount!) + shipping! (Shipping was only $3.95 for me thanks to Brownells “light weight” shipping option!)


Just thought I’d share...


Here’s a not so good picture of the above parts installed on my M2:








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