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SBE 1 with D shim still shoots low


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I'm a lefty with a standard (i.e. right hand) SBE 1. I've got a D shim and a DS spacer (with DS facing inward away from the butt, which it sounds like may be an issue?). The gun still shoots a bit low and I'm at a loss for what to do. From everything I can find, the D is the largest drop shim made, so I'm at my wits end. Does anyone have suggestions? Help please!

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OK, now I'm even more confused. By my thinking if the gun is shooting low, I need a thicker shim to drop my eye (i.e. rear sight) in order raise the front sight. I found the below post in one of the many searches I've done and it seems to indicate the opposite approach. Can anyone help explain that for me? Will using a C shim actually raise the POI vs. a D?



If the gun shoots low, then you need a thinner shim. If your high, use a thicker shim. What most shooters want is a 60/40 pattern. Where 60% of your pattern is high and 40% is lower. Be sure with the locking plate (the part thats heavy and goes in the stock) to use the corresponding plate that matches the shim that you use: 55mm shim=55mm locking plate.



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Thanks a ton for the help on this! I have the C and B shims already so I can give that a try. Does anyone know what locking plate I need to use for a left handed shooter? I have the C locking plate, but I'm guessing that's not what I need to use to get it set up for a lefty.

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